You will need
  • - the original text;
  • - pen and paper;
  • - the recorder;
  • - slides with images;
  • - the person who will check the knowledge of the text.
Analyze the text, make sure that clear idea of his subject, correctly understand every word. Break it into logical blocks. This needs to be done to the brain had time to develop the Association in the course of the narrative. A particularly effective method of quick learning paragraphs for literary texts.
Rewrite each paragraph several times. Do it carefully, rereading and repeating to myself every phrase. When you do this, remember the sentence to write the whole thing. Take a short break, repeat the procedure. With each approach, you'll notice that less and less look to the text. Especially effective to do this exercise before going to bed.
Recite the text on tape. Connect the headphones, relax, turn on the recording. Listen to a few times, imagining pictures or video what is happening in the story. Be sure to make a short break. Repeat several times, then stop for a considerable time, to lay down in the head.
To aid in remembering good slides with pictures illustrating the associative or supplementing the text. Combine this method with the recording on tape. Play, listen, looking at the image. Repeat this procedure several times. Tell the text from memory, using only pictures.
Ask a friend to help you in fast learning of the text. Do it better when most of it has already learned, but some moments fall out of memory. The second person can not only check the level of remembering, but also make the necessary clues.
Remember the best time for learning a large text. The information obtained should not just be remembered "in a minute", but hold out in memory until the right moment.