Memory is conventionally divided into three types. If you have a well developed visual memory, you can split the text into several sections and reread them several times, trying to remember the arrangement of paragraphs. You can rewrite the text a few times, with good visual memory is the best method of memorization. The owners of the auditory type of memory it is recommended to write a passage of prose on tape and listen to it several times. When the development of motor memory make sketches, draw diagrams, work with a pencil in hand, this will help to quickly learn the text.
It is useful to repeat memorized a passage of prose after about twenty minutes after learning, then again 8 hours later and the next day. You can repeat a text in the evening before going to bed and in the morning when I Wake up. Several times repeated that the material is absorbed faster.
Remember the text should not be mechanical. Brain, defensively denies cramming, reducing the memory. It is better to summon the ingenuity and imagination, turning the teaching into a game. Let mechanical digestion will be the means to learn an interesting piece of prose, it is important to understand the meaning of memorized text, then when the memory will establish themselves.
In case you find it difficult to remember some passage, mentally create a certain Association to a sentence or key word. No matter what will be the Association, most importantly, that you quickly remember and remember at the right time.
If your house has a cat or a dog, use them as your listeners. Tell them their learning. If animals in the house go to the mirror and repeat the text, referring to his image.
If you need to memorize quite a large excerpt of some text, highlight the main microtomy and divide the material into several parts. Try to gradually absorb it, making "plans for him" or flowcharts that reflect the main thoughts. Make the structuring of the text based on the headings underlined or highlighted sentences. This approach will help you to quickly cope with the task.