There is a way. But do not think that you do not have to exert any effort. Way to a relatively easy learning text based on the properties of short-term and long-term memory, as well as on time most of its activity.
The first time read the entire text, not trying to memorize it. Just hearken to common sense, pay attention to the lexical and semantic details. Verify whether all the words you understand. Find out the meanings of unfamiliar words, if any. In any case, do not memorize the text with incomprehensible expressions and terminology. This will lead to useless memorization and not helpful.
To start working with the text best in the morning, while the head is still fresh, not tired. In this case, to analyze the text will be much easier.
After the text is parsed, and the meaning of all words and expressions understood, read it again. Try to build a logical chain: that's what it should be. If necessary, you can record a sequence on paper. Make a plan to text.
When building a logical chain is not necessary to divide the text into too small episodes, but at the same time, his large pieces for the brain "indigestible."
After the plan made to the text several times, read part of the text corresponding to the first point of the plan. Try to remember it. Key words to memorize a passage, you can record, make a temporary crib.
Take a break, change your activity, preferably physical, for about half an hour.
After pause go to the next piece of text and paragraph plan and so on. Memorize every passage of the text is punctuated by a change of activity.
After developed the last piece of text, pause, and then read the text in its entirety once. Try to repeat the text in its entirety, if necessary, based on the plan. Read the entire text several times if necessary. Try to repeat it by heart without the use of the plan.
Give yourself a long break from learning. Leave repetition to night.
In the evening before bed be sure to read the text 1-2 times. Don't try in the evening to repeat it by heart.
In the morning the text can be read again and recite. And, maybe, reading is not required.Despite the fact that the proposed technology is a long, stretched in time, it will easy enough to memorize the text prose or poem.