The most effective means pasta Teymurova. Buy it you will be able in the pharmacy at very affordable price. Thoroughly rinse the feet with soap and apply a thin layer of paste. Put on cotton socks. In the morning, just wash your feet and apply any cream with deodorizing effect. Use the paste every night for one week - usually that time is enough to cope with the sweating.

Use a special deodorant for the feet. They not only reduce the amount of moisture, but also help to get rid of smell. But the deodorant should be applied on clean skin, otherwise the effect can be the opposite.

Do foot baths with potassium permanganate – it dries the skin and reduces sweating. The solution should be only slightly pink, otherwise you will burn the skin and it will start to peel off. If the permanganate does not suit you, then use the decoction of oak bark. Steep 2-3 tablespoons of bark in a liter of boiling water, insist. Dilute with water in 1:1 ratio. Secondary bath with oak bark should be about 15-25 minutes, so the effect was better.

In some cases, excessive sweating of the feet is stressful. Propene course decoction of the sedative herbs. Well help Melissa, St. John's wort, motherwort, Valerian and marjoram. Make herbal. Steep about 1 tablespoon per Cup of boiling water. Take 50 ml of the decoction 4 times a day. The course of treatment should be about 1 month.

If all else fails, get yourself checked out at the hospital. It is possible that you have something wrong with health. Sometimes excessive sweating of the feet is observed on the background of hormonal failure, disorders of renal function and in case of other deviations. Clarity will help the therapist, after the tests. Do not ignore the signal of the body, as sweating of the feet.