How to ease a hangover at home

In the first place when hungover, you need to clean the stomach and wash out the remnants of alcohol. For this for 10-15 minutes, drink 2 liters of carbonated mineral water.
Cleans the stomach and large quantities of milk.

If the stomach is clean, but you continue to feel sick, try to drink a glass of tomato juice with salt and pepper. To reduce intoxication and relieve nausea helps activated charcoal – 1 tablet per 10 kg of your weight, as well as other pharmaceutical adsorbents.
To bring a person to life and to reduce intoxication helps water with ammonia to six drops of ammonia per Cup of water.

After the cessation of vomiting to replenish lost by the body trace minerals - magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese. If you do not, you may experience cramps in the limbs or pain in the heart. To replenish trace elements suitable kefir, kvass, orange juice, water with honey and lemon juice, cucumber or cabbage brine.

To relieve a headache, you can use painkillers or you can use people's recipes. Well headaches helps the attachment to the temples and forehead, lemon peel and slices of raw potato.

To drink during a hangover strong coffee or tea doctors do not recommend – you can seriously up the pressure. Better brew herbal tea of chamomile or mint. You can add ginger or honey.

For recuperation after a hangover take a contrast shower. Then drink some chicken or beef broth. To the body quickly coped with the removal of harmful substances, it is possible to visit a bath or sauna, take a walk in the fresh air.

During the week after the libations that led to the hangover, try to eat less fatty, smoked and spicy foods to give the liver time to recover. Eat sour soup, vegetable soups, cottage cheese. Often drink broth hips, compotes from dried fruits, eat apricots.

How to drink to avoid hangover

To be among those who rarely suffers from a hangover, try to follow these rules.

Before meal you should eat. Portion of fatty meat, raw egg, rice porridge with butter, these dishes will slow the growth of the concentration of alcohol in the blood, and the body will have time to develop the enzymes necessary for breaking down alcohol.
With the same purpose, it is sometimes recommended for three hours before the meal to drink 30-50 grams of vodka.

During the festival, be sure to drinking every serving of alcohol. It is best to drink hot and fatty foods. But in any case not drink alcohol sodas!

Do not mix different alcoholic beverages, but if you do it - do not reduce their fortress. Often go out into the fresh air and move more – dance, have fun, communicate. After all, the holiday is an excuse to have a good time and not get drunk!