That you want to quickly get rid of a hangover at home, says severe headache, depressed, overwhelming thirst, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms. The body tries to cope with alcohol poisoning. First and foremost, take a contrast shower, alternating hot and cold water. This will help to cheer up, to cope with the shivering body and aching joints, and sometimes it relieves hangover.
In any case, not "pohmelitsy" alcohol, even light beer. It will not help to get rid of a hangover, and will only exacerbate the suffering in the future and will cause even greater harm to the body. It is better to drink a strong Cup of coffee or tea to stabilize blood pressure and get rid of the sleepy state.
Will proceed to the treatment of alcohol poisoning, using a variety of effective folk remedy for a hangover. First of all, you need to drink plenty of mineral water with a high salt content ("Narzan", "Essentuki", etc.). This will help rid your body of stagnant decay products of alcohol along with urine. Mineral water needs to be warmed up and thoroughly stir to get rid of gases. It is best to drink 1-2 cups per hour.
Quickly get rid of a hangover at home to help milk products. The best of them are, and Ira tan as it contains useful salts and fermentation products, which make the stomach, liver and intestines. Low-fat yogurt, Bifidok or yogurt is also able to quickly improve health.
Drink a few tablets of activated charcoal against alcohol poisoning. The number of tablets should ideally be of one piece per 10 kg own weight. You can take any other absorbent, which is in the house. If you are experiencing severe nausea, it is better first to clean the stomach, causing vomiting.
Towards noon take a small amount of food to improve digestion. Low-fat broth for the chicken and rice is one of the best means of soothing the body. You can eat some white chicken and fresh vegetables or fruits. If the weather allows, take a walk within 1-2 hours of sunlight and fresh air rid of negative emotions and General psychological state is stabilized.