Despite the fact that porridge is one of those foods that doctors recommend to introduce children as a first feeding, it is not necessary to rush into this. Because sometimes cereal is quite a strong allergen.

Why is there an Allergy to porridge

The main reason, which is beginning to cause reactions allergic nature of the person becomes the presence of cereal gluten. It is a protein found in cereal plants such as wheat, rye, barley and oats. In Latin the name translates as glue. And that is what reflects in full the essence of gluten - a substance which imparts stickiness to salkum. Gluten allows flour to become dough, and cereals to acquire dense and viscous. However, this is the most negative impact on human health, of a patient with celiac disease or suffering from a predisposition to allergic reactions.

Gluten intolerance causes Allergy to cereals and each cereal may be suitable for the man who has noted this problem. It is therefore necessary to very carefully examine the packaging with cereal products before they purchase.
It is particularly important to read the labels on complex cereals, which have become so popular today. Patsukova, triglucoside, etc. - such may contain a dangerous combination of cereals with gluten and without.

What cereals are potential allergens

In the list of "dangerous" porridge usually made with wheat, rye, oats and barley. However, the maximum dosage is considered to be harmful and wheat.

Prepared from wheat wheat (crushed wheat) and semolina, which is made from wheat more finely ground.

From barley do not only barley porridge, but quite famous and popular cafeterias in the pearl barley. Barley - is nothing more than crushed barley. Barley porridge barley is a more fine grinding.

Crushed oats is obtained oatmeal, and oats more finely ground the oatmeal is obtained.

As safe as possible and in most cases, allow all cereal is buckwheat and corn. Also, the list falls and rice porridge.

However, it is worth considering that can be observed and Allergy symptoms even buckwheat. And doctors say that today this is happening more and more often. The main reason for intolerance like this Kashi explain the problems with digestion of animal protein, which in buckwheat porridge quite a lot. Attributed to gluten in this case will not work, because the gluten in this cereal at all.

Allergies can occur in a person who has previously suffered problems with eating cereal. It happens in most cases when a person starts to consume the production of porridges of fast preparation with different additives such as fruit, berries, etc. Because they are clearly unnatural, as the usual berries and fruit even in the dried state can not be stored for a long time, and all the porridges of fast preparation is designed for long-term storage.
In addition, these cereals often include flavors, sweeteners, flavours and other food chemicals. She becomes the cause of health problems, even in quite healthy.

If you want to eat porridge with additives, it is better to cook them yourself. And will be tastier and you will save yourself from the symptoms of allergies.