Find out which products that traditionally are the most allergenic, is not as easy as it seems. This is a real labor-based experiments and recordings. Sometimes an Allergy to a particular product may appear after some time (a day or two a week) after its use. And sometimes an allergic reaction gives a whole set of factors that was the impetus.

How to determine what reaction

Doctors offer different types of tests with which to try to find the allergen. For example, it can be done with a special hypoallergenic diet. Now allocate the whole three types of diet:
- nonspecific;
- elimination;
- alternating.

Nonspecific diet involves exclusion from the diet of potentially dangerous from the point of view of allergists products. This category includes all those originally considered capable of causing reactions. This citrus and chocolate, and some fruits as well as honey, nuts, fish, mushrooms, etc.

According to the nonspecific diet, all potentially dangerous products are divided into 2 groups. One that you want to exclude from the diet, the other that you can leave, but in small amounts (for example, cow's milk, eggs, etc.).

You will also need to limit the consumption of wheat bread, pork, cheese, hot spices and fatty meat. Of course, fall under the ban and all canned and refined food.
Should be excluded from the diet foods that are traditionally considered vitamin. Doctors recommend natural vitamins to replace the pharmacy complexes.

Elimination or exclusive diet is based on nonspecific. Only to exclude from the diet should not all products in a row, and the ones that you suspect. For example, you think that you night, drank cocoa, and next morning was covered with spots and itching, exclude for the time the milk and chocolate from their menu. To withstand need 2 weeks.

If there was an improvement in your condition – it became easier to breathe, improved skin, improved sleep, so this is the reason these products.

After 2 weeks, bring them back to the diet again, and see how the body will react. If again there will be a reaction, they are excluded altogether.
To make it easier to control what food you have of developing an Allergy, keep a diary. During observations record all information: own sensations, skin condition, etc.

Alternating diet method is the most gentle. It is no longer to identify allergens, and the more reasonable construction of the human diet with food allergies. According to this diet you need to plan the menu so that suspect foods were on the table not more than 1 time in three days. They must be in small quantities. So you can have everything without giving up certain products, it does not produce itself, hypersensitivity to food.

A big disadvantage of this method of research in its duration, since all these observations are very time consuming. In addition, this method is not always accurate because you may not have allergies to a certain product, and reaction was caused by the combination of all, a variety.

Alternative methods

You can define a product which causes you allergies, with blood tests. For this you need to donate blood from a vein in different markers. Today in clinics and private medical centers taking blood to completely different products. It will be much faster.

However, you should be prepared for the fact that the cost of such services will significantly hit the pocket, because only one indicator is about 200-300 rubles, and even more expensive.

There is also the option of skin tests. This method is also quite effective, but not particularly pleasant. This is due to the fact that you under the skin at a certain area of the body will stick to the allergens, and then monitor the reaction.

You can choose either method. But the delay is not worth it, because an Allergy can develop, and next time will give you a reaction stronger than the first. So try to learn and test what reacts with your body, until it was quite bad.