Ordinary mosquito – insect-parasite that is most often found in river valleys or in swampy lowlands, in the forest area. Life expectancy depends mainly on the air temperature – it is about 1.5-4 months. Males have a life expectancy far less than that of females.

What to eat the mosquitoes

Как насекомые летают

To maintain the life of the forest mosquitoes feed on sugary liquids, juice of plants. To ensure the development of the offspring, the females need the blood of a human or any warm-blooded animals. This blood is partially also used as food. In order to access the necessary blood vessels, the female pierces the skin with fine bristles, which hide inside the proboscis, and sucks their blood. In this case, the incision in the skin gets its saliva, which blood clotting is disturbed – slightly, of course, only to komariha could drink required amount of blood. But along with this saliva can be transferred to various unpleasant infections that cause swelling and itching and sometimes an allergic reaction.

Какие насекомые самые маленькие

The mosquito is male, these bristles are very gentle – the skin they pierce he is not able, so the food can only eat flower nectar.

But in this way only feed on adults. Like other dipterans insects, mosquitoes in their development involves four phases: the egg, larva, pupa, imago. At one time females can lay in standing water ponds near three hundred eggs. Soon they hatch into larvae. They usually swim upside down at the surface of the ponds, feeding on small organisms and organic particles, until the transformation to chrysalis. When nearing the end of development of a mosquito in the pupa, in the cocoon, there is a small slit, and she crawls out of the adult.

Why mosquitoes nobody likes

Ordinary mosquito, and other blood-sucking insects that can give people a lot of trouble. Mosquito bites are not only quite painful but can also cause infectious diseases. There are some areas where mosquitoes are found in such plenty, that threatens to interfere with grazing, but also complicate the work of the people who work in the field, in the garden, in the garden.

To find a victim, komariha focuses primarily on the smell – it is able to capture the carbon dioxide that the victim of the highlights during breathing. Have secreted sweat lactic acid smell you can smell for a few miles, so the sweaty man attracts more insects.