Who's Midge?

To understand what a beast – Midge and how she lives, costs a little more to get acquainted with her life. As has become clear, Midge - the closest relative of the mosquito. Respectively and habitat they are similar. For gnats, it is important the presence of a nearby pond, because it will develop maggots. These insects are excellent feel in the water and there lay their eggs. Gnats cling to stones or the stems of aquatic plants and completely at ease down under, arranging there is a kind of incubators. Because females derive gnats larvae not alone, and large groups are formed sufficiently large colonies. On the area of one square centimeter can contain up to two hundred larvae. These insects can be traced a surprising feature: they reproduce life.

A special place in the lives of the flies is power. It is clear that a favorite food is the blood of warm-blooded. This is not surprising, because their proboscis could not be better designed to puncture the skin. But this is only at first glance. Some species of lice feed exclusively on nectar of flowers.

Some species of midges, for example, columbaria gnats, have become a real disaster for livestock farmers of the Danubian regions. The fact that the pupation of the larvae of this Midge ends in may - and then the swarms of insects attacking all life in the area.

In relation columbusday gnats life expectancy determined very accurately. Immediately after fertilization, the male dies and the females ozverev, huge swarms attack livestock and humans.

Biting midges represent a significant danger to people and animals. One or two bites pose no threat, but when they number in the hundreds, then there is a serious risk to health. Midge injected fluid for the first time anaesthetises the bite. But it is very poisonous: a moment later, there was developing swelling, starting to feel severe itching.

How does she live?

Midge killed by human standards, very fast. According to science, the entire duration of her life is ninety-six hours. During these four days she should have time to find food, find a pair, to lay eggs and then fade away. Thus, the purpose of all life becomes gnats bite warm-blooded, allowing you to take care of future larvae.

For some reason, particularly attractive to midges human blood of the third group. Her owners often are attacked by midges.