Hookah Smoking is becoming more common for leisure. The question arises - is there any harm from this entertainment?

Alas, there is. Of course, compared to cigarettes, hookah Smoking is not as harmful habit. It is not Smoking quick puffs every two hours. Hookah is used 1-2 times a week, or less.

Between Smoking sessions the human body time to recover. The hookah there is no direct burning of tobacco. In this adaptation it dries, but does not burn. And part of the carcinogenic substances, which include the used of a mixture of tobacco, not transformed into volatile phase.

Hookah tobacco contain less nicotine than light cigarettes. But the danger of carbon monoxide remains the same. Because the coal on the bowl of the hookah smolders, and this is private type of combustion, which stands out WITH. This compound is a major threat, causing dizziness and headaches. Therefore it is impossible to buy cheaper coal with impurities to substances from their combustion has not acceded to carbon monoxide gas.

Can the water in the flask to make Smoking hookah completely safe?

Water is good natural filter, taking the smoke from a considerable share of harmful components. A certain part of them remains in the mine and the hookah hose. But a decent portion of hazardous substances into the lungs of smokers. To verify this, if you insert into the mouthpiece of the cigarette filter. After an hour of Smoking it will become yellow-brown.

Whether chatting over a hookah spent on his health?

If a person does not smoke in General, to participate in such meetings it is not necessary. And for people who are addicted to cigarettes and are able to decide how much they are willing to sacrifice their health, Smoking a hookah is less harmful habit than systematic break.

A prerequisite is the use of special tobacco blends. Can not be delayed by washing the hookah. The flask should not pour alcohol, only natural wine. To drink alcohol in the process of Smoking is also impossible.

Hookah is harmful. The hours spent in the inhalation and exhalation of fragrant smoke equal to Smoking 1 cigarette. If Smoking hookah is happening in the company, the harm is reduced. To minimize damage you should refuse the chemical quickly kindle coals and time to change the tobacco.

You should not use it more than 2 times a week. It is necessary to remember about the specific harm caused by passive Smoking and resist the temptation to enjoy a fragrant smoke in the presence of pregnant women and children.