Pour into the flask the liquid is selected so that the end of the mine was submerged in it for 1.5-2 cm Hookah on wine is more fragrant but also more robust. The wine should be diluted with water, otherwise if you smoke you'll feel the fumes of the alcohol. Best for hookah wines are red varieties.
Hookah on the juice enhances the taste of tobacco. Not combine different tastes. For example, coffee tobacco will get worse if you fill a flask of Apple juice. For fruit tobacco, good multifruit juice.
Shisha on the milk is soft. Milk has a higher density, and the smoke passing through it loses its bitterness. Milk diluted with water in the ratio 1:3, otherwise the heat will appear foam, which contaminate its details.
A method for preparing a hookah on the water is classic. Water does not give a stranger tobacco flavor.
Pick up the tobacco desired taste. Fill the Cup (Chilim) tobacco. Do not put tobacco in a single layer, laminate it into small lumps. Fill the Cup so that there is 2-3 mm to the edge, otherwise when Smoking tobacco can burn.
Take special foil for Shisha or the foil from the chocolate. Fold it in two layers and cover her a Cup, pressing the edges firmly. Make in foil a lot of small holes, leaving between them a distance of 2-3 mm.
Assemble the hookah, put into a flask with the liquid in the mine. On mine put on the Cup and plug the hose. Special forceps to take coal and heat it, holding it over the Cup. Put a hot coal on the foil and smoke the hookah.