Bowl tabacina the top of the hookah is the bowl that holds the tobacco. As a rule, it is made of ceramics or metal. Ceramic bowl is more practical, because it better keeps the temperature.Choose a hookah with a bowl of tobacco with a few small holes. To use them best.
Saptamatrika shaft may be of steel, copper, brass and others. Steel tubes are the most practical. Please note that part of the mine submerged in water, must be made of metal, no corrosion: stainless steel, copper.
Combinable practical is considered to be the glass bulb. Metal may deform, rust, difficult to care for. When you purchase a hookah with a glass bulb be sure to check it for leaks by pouring some water in it.
Tube, pipe, Monastyryshche the pipes are made from leather. For pipes the most suitable material is wood. When buying hookah make sure to check the tightness of the hose, plugged his hole and blowing into it, which is the mouthpiece. The tube and mouthpiece from wood should not be:
- varnished (this coating wears off quickly);
- made of resinous, coniferous woods or fragrant wood type sandalwood.
Razmeram the above device for Smoking, the better it is. The optimum height of the hookah is about a meter and a half. However, if no extra money, we can restrict the half-meter design, although its "Smoking", the performance will be somewhat worse. Such a device is not capable of equally efficiently to filter and cool the smoke as it makes high hookah.
Tightness Kalanchoe the main feature of the device is its tightness. It provides the pleasure that makes hookah Smoking lovers of this activity. So when choosing, be sure to test the unit for leaks. On a fully assembled unit remove the bowl for tobacco, plug the hole at the top of the mine with your finger, then try to draw air through the mouthpiece. If the device is sealed, then you have nothing.