Causes of headache after hookah

The causes of headache after hookah may be several, one of them Smoking on an empty stomach. In that case, just a little snack to as much luchilos. Sometimes a headache can cause unusual for the body a large amount of nicotine, resulting from the inhalation of smoke (pair) hookah. Especially if you smoke it not so often.

In addition, the cause may be dehydration. While Smoking hookah it is recommended to drink not alcoholic and sugary drinks, and drinking water or green tea in sufficient quantities.

Improperly prepared Shisha is heavy smoke in the case of rapid combustion of tobacco. This reason can also cause headaches. Particularly, this phenomenon frequently found with self-preparation of hookah at home.

At a particularly passionate smokers breathing in the smoke hookah too much and too often can also be a headache. Better in that case just do not abuse this process. All should be the measure.

A way of dealing with headache after hookah

The most effective way of dealing with such a headache is a clean and fresh air. Sometimes it is enough just to get out of the smoke-filled room out into the street and take a walk. Usually, headache in this case passes quickly.
If you have more serious ailments than the above, for example, shortness of breath, as soon as possible consult a doctor!

If that does not work, my head still hurts, a pain medicine, for example Advil. But if still nothing helps, and it only gets worse, should immediately seek medical help.

Recommendations for the proper Shisha Smoking

Of course, if you wish to get pleasure from hookah Smoking, especially if you prefer to prepare it yourself, it is better to use high-quality tobacco.
Smoking hookah need to calmly and slowly. Just relax and slowly enjoy the process without worrying about having to inhale more smoke. Such a measured process will bring you much more fun.
While not desirable to do it on the alcohol. Also, try to follow preparation technology mix.

Smoke Shisha in a casual relaxed atmosphere in a well ventilated area, in a pleasant company. Take care also about the presence on the table of light snacks and soft drinks. In this case, the likelihood of headaches and other unpleasant symptoms hookah hangover will be minimal.