To file a complaint against actions of the traffic police. If the employee of traffic police, in your opinion, during attraction you to administrative responsibility made the breach, you can safely file a complaint against him to his superiors. In this case a copy of the complaint can be sent to a USB or prosecutors. But keep in mind that the complaint should be concise and as brief as possible, contain the facts and circumstances.
Nobody is going to read a multi-volume treatises and look at the history that happened two days before the stop of your vehicle by the inspector. The complaint must contain references to the corresponding normative-legal acts that have been violated, in your opinion, is attached to the document and gives assurance that its merits will be considered.
Appeal documents. As issued by the traffic police on the decreeand judgment rendered by the judge must be sent or delivered to the person who is being held accountable. Citizen to appeal have 10 days from the time he received at the hands of this ruling. So if the decision received the email, you must save the envelope.
Also, if the last day 10 – day off or goes on holiday, the last day of filing of appeal, first day of work.
To file a complaint. Method choose yourself. Can you deliver in the body where it will be considered. Can also send it by mail. Time to mail the response letter is not included in the allotted 10 days, and proof that the deadlines are met, will be considered the postmark on the envelope and receipt are available to you, which confirms the fact of sending the letter.