A misanthrope is a word which is heard with respect to any person, some are beginning to imagine his weird, reclusive and uncommunicative. In fact, the misanthrope can be the nicest person who is reached around and consider it a real flavor. What lies behind this word?

Misanthrope – who is it?

The term "misanthrope" means a person who does not love all of humanity as a whole. Interestingly, there are a number of medical tests to identify a true misanthrope. Often people who consider themselves as such, just want to stand out from the crowd or to justify their inability to adapt socially perceived characteristics of his personality.

In fact the misanthrope is not an enemy of the people as such. The hatred and rejection he cause a negative quality inherent in most people; moreover, he hates these qualities in himself. However, he does not want people to evil, but to overcome a natural antipathy to mankind did not consider it necessary. If he could, of course, certainly would have saved people from disadvantages, but it did not.

A misanthrope is an evil man?

Many people mistakenly believe that a misanthrope is some kind of stand-offish and aloof character, which all tend to stay as far as possible. In fact, it can easily tie to meet new people and be a real soul of the company. Another thing is that misanthrope doesn't feel sincere affection towards others and communicates with them mostly because these people do something useful.

It may seem unexpected, but a misanthrope, too, have close friends – often it is one or two people he can trust. However, if these people will show him such a hateful misanthrope traits, he will not hesitate to cut former friends out of your life.

Example of a classic misanthrope could serve as the protagonist of the cult American television series "house MD". It is intolerant to human vices and do not consider humans worthy of respect. He also despises the compliance with norms and laws, but because of high intelligence and brilliant vocabulary – and in some cases, and thanks to the help of one of his two friends – he always manages to emerge unscathed. If you want to know who the misanthrope, just watch a few episodes of this film and you will have full idea of the right answer to this question.