What is the skeleton of an adult human skeleton baby

The child at birth has about 300-350 bones. As they grow older some bones will fuse together and their number reduced. The bone stops growing at the age of 25 years. During this period, stops the main growth of the body. The skeleton of a 25-year-old human consists of 206 bones, and this number remains unchanged until the end of life.

The human skeleton weighs only one-fifth of the total body weight.

Why have a baby at 90 bones? The fact that the newborn has some bone structure more like cartilage. The growth of cartilage ossiferous, i.e. costeniuc, and their structure is changing. In the process of ossification of bones forming the skeleton of an adult. This is true not only of the skeleton of the body. The skull of the newborn is also divided into separate bones, allowing the passage of the head through the birth canal. During the first two years of life the bones of the skull have been growing rapidly, acquiring connective tissue, although the seams between the bones remain open for up to 20 years.

In some people, the number of bones may vary from the norm due to the different growths, extra fingers or ribs.

The growth of the bones

Bones consist of four types of tissue: periosteum, compact bone, spongy bone and bone marrow. The periosteum is the top layer of bone; it contains the nerves and blood vessels that supply the bone nutrients. This solid layer protects the bone marrow from damage. To the bone is properly fused, the child should receive all the necessary micro and macro elements, to have an active lifestyle. Useful exercise. For bone health necessary fruit and vegetables, and calcium products. Sunlight provides the body with vitamin D, which promotes absorption of calcium in the body. Without sunlight, the bone tissue will not be healthy and strong.

It is important to prevent any bone injury, especially fractures in children. Parents should ensure that children wear protection when riding bike or rollers. When engaging in mobile sports is also necessary to provide the child with proper form, knee pads and other protective equipment, as in childhood, the risk of injury is quite high. Children's bones grow quickly, so the healing process goes faster than in an adult. However, it is up to 20 years is the formation of the skeleton, which will serve people for the rest of my life.