Why break up families

In many cases, the cause of the conflict is the innuendo in the relationship, the reluctance to consider the position of the beloved, and to stand in his place. Even it may be personal selfishness. Often all these and other causes of family disintegration.

It is considered that men are more likely to leave the family because they Bolkestein polygamous. But this is not always the case. In recent statistics, marriage divorce stands out from the women, who initially tries to save the relationship, but feeling that nothing has changed, just collects things, takes the children and leaves the house.

From the sad gap to a brighter tomorrow

So, his wife left him. Behind the quarrels, scandals, misunderstanding, and neglect. When you lose a beloved woman, men perceive it as a severe blow. Raging, angry, indignant. And at this point the husband should not focus on the fact that the care and try to make sense of the act, determine the cause of this fact. Because woman is by nature Patriarchal tied to the opposite sex. And in order to force her to commit such an act, you need quite a good reason.

First and foremost, a man should find out for himself whether he wants to return the woman to continue to build her a harmonious relationship in the family. Depends on what he will do from this situation. In no case can not fall into depression, to fill the longing spirits or winds. Only an analysis of his past actions may be useful in building future relations.

In return the wife can play a positive role of her friend. Should turn for help to them, sharing the desire to resurrect family relationships. Sometimes parents will be able to establish what is not able to keep their children. Don't need a man to withdraw into his grief and loneliness. Maybe this was a turning point in the relationship and should take some pause. It happens often that after a while separately, each spouse realizes that can't live on without each other. They try to find a path that will connect them again.

But remember that even a temporary departure of his wife should not overshadow the interests in life. You need to continue with your sport, visit interesting places, to allocate time for meetings with friends. Sometimes to take a break is the best adviser in any relationship.