Search the web for a theme to change the appearance Vkontakte. To do this, go to the website and select your favorite theme. The text of the table of this theme (it will be presented either in a separate window or in comments to this thread) to copy to the clipboard. Open Notepad, paste the copied text. Next, click the "File" menu, select "Save as". Enter any file name with the extension .css. Select a save location and click "Save".
Open the Internet Explorer program to put the theme of Facebook in this browser. Open the menu "tools", then select "Internet options", there is the "General" tab and the "theme" section. Put a tick in the "format documents using my style. Click browse and open the file that you saved earlier. Click "OK". Restart the browser and go to the site Vkontakte.
Install Stylish if you need to change the design Vkontakte via browser Mozilla Firefox. Restart the browser. Copy the text from the saved file to the selected topic. Go to menu Stylish on the browser toolbar, click the new style VK. Complete the "Description" field (any text) in the lower box, insert the text from a file containing a cascading, between the brackets. Next, click on "Save" and restart the browser. Go to the site Vkontakte.
Run Opera if you need to put a different background Vkontakte. Go to browser settings, select "Advanced", then "Content" – "style Settings", "Modes of presentation". Tick "My style sheet". Copy the text CSS from the selected theme, open Notepad, paste the copied text. Save the file to your computer under a filename with the extension css. Go to Facebook, click the right mouse button on the background of the site and select "Edit site preferences". Go to the tab "View" and click browse, select the file from your computer where you have saved the table, and click OK. Refresh the page Vkontakte.