For example, a mini-hunger strike period in one day or in three days, able to improve overall health and rid your body of harmful accumulated substances. Probably, everyone had to deal with the feeling of heaviness after a tumultuous feasts, when the table is simply sags under the weight of delicious dishes, to abandon them is almost impossible.

In this situation, the fasting for one day is a great way to improve the condition of the gastrointestinal tract and cleanse the body as a whole. In ordinary language one-day refusal to eat can indicate a common word "fasting day". During the day dietitians recommended to drink purified water, low fat yogurt, fresh juices or green tea without sugar (you may add a small amount of honey). Auxiliary means for a thorough cleansing of the body may be the same Klimova cleaning and taking a small amount of a laxative (not required, optional). Fasting days are allowed to make not more than once every 2 weeks, otherwise this may become a stress to the body.

Three-day fasting at home – more serious limitation in nature. Nutritionists recommend planning it on a weekend, because on the second day of fasting may be feeling of weakness and lethargy. Therefore it is better these days to spend at home. Fasting for three days helps the body excrete all unwanted toxins and waste products and to balance shattered on the eve of the metabolism.