About the benefits of a day of fasting

Today a person eats large amounts of food, so it is useful the body a break from her. Fasting "includes" dormant deep within the human mechanism of immunity.

Weekly fasting heals the body through the mobilization of internal forces. The first thing a person feels after the systematic starvation - improvement of the gastrointestinal tract, further increasing the efficiency of all organ systems, there is courage, improves health, the condition of the hair and skin is also improving. After a day of fasting man looks like after SPA treatments.

Medicine knows many cases when the easy stage of diabetes were cured due to the fact that the pancreas to "rest" during the fasting period.

During fasting, increases metabolism, helps normalize weight. Most religions prescribe fasting to cleanse the body and develop strength of spirit. The stress that the organism experiences during fasting, "boosts" the immune system, lowering the risk of developing cancer.

Fasting is an opportunity that people gives the body for self-healing. The absence of food allows the body to direct all its forces to eliminate toxins and restore functions of all organ systems.

Who should not use starvation

Even a one-day fasting is associated with extreme strain on the body, so it can be used only after consultation with the doctor.

Fasting is absolutely contraindicated in the presence of:
- malignant tumors;
-endocrine diseases;
- tuberculosis of the lungs;
- liver and kidney failure;
inflammatory diseases of the abdominal cavity and respiratory system;
- heart rhythm abnormalities.

Fasting is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating.

Rules day of fasting

Drink sufficient amount of water (up to three litres per day). It can be boiled or filtered water.

During fasting, do not take vitamins, medications.

The output of the famine should be gradual and the same in duration as starvation. During the day should be gradually increased as the amount of food, and its "heaviness". For example: the morning after starvation can drink a glass of juice, a little later to eat vegetable salad or fruit. For dinner you can add cooked food, soup, porridge and only in the evening to return to a normal diet.

Recommended day of fasting regularly every week.