Fasting day is a day during which you want to reduce calorie and food intake to give your body a break. As a rule, arrange fasting days 1-2 times a week, eating low-calorie food according to their own preferences. Who in this day gets to eat fruits and vegetables, someone on dairy products, while others limit himself to one drink. And what a cleanse is most effective?
It is impossible to say what a cleanse is the most effective, because many are totally different in composition and caloric values of foods can give the same result. When choosing a particular food focus on health, the existing problems in the work of the digestive tract and its relation to a particular product. For example, a day of fasting on fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, helps to cleanse the intestines, the excretion of toxins. Kefir discharge day can help the stomach and intestines, strengthen the immune system. If you are planning a day to consume only water and juice, get ready for a strong, overpowering sense of hunger, but if you succeed, you will perfectly clean your body, fill in this lack of moisture, and this will have a positive effect on the properties of the skin and its color.
The greatest effect is observed from the fasting day on yogurt, cucumbers, watermelons, cheese, apples and buckwheat. Judging by the reviews online, this food throughout the day allows you to lose from 2 to 3.5 kg of excess weight without compromising your health. Kefir is a very healthy drink and if you want to lose weight, normalize blood pressure and improve intestinal flora, feel free to choose this product and drink it throughout the day. The only disadvantage of this discharge is to a laxative effect, so you a day will have to be at home.
If you are terribly afraid to break and eat, focus on buckwheat. This cereal is good satisfies hunger without increasing blood sugar levels. But in any case, do not salt it so you can't eat, and it is recommended to drink mineral water without gas. About the positive properties of cucumber as product for losing weight know a lot. It contains a minimum of calories and maximum tartronovoj acid – substances that slow down the conversion process of carbohydrates into fats. Given that this vegetable can lose up to 3.5 kg per day, these days can be called the most effective.
Watermelon is just made for handling the day because not only struggling with being overweight, but also has diuretic and choleretic effect, cures diseases of the stomach, heart, joints etc. these cheese are soft and gentle methods to bring her figure back to normal, besides it is rich in calcium, which affects the beauty of hair, nails and teeth, and healthy fats, has a positive effect on the skin. Choose apples as a product for handling the day if you want to saturate your body with vitamins and beneficial trace elements, to restore the disturbed metabolism and improve blood composition.