Mood for deep cleansing of the body

40 days is the period when all body systems undergo a full cycle of its activities, from its maximum intensity to a minimum and again to maximum. Excluding same meal, you make it go to internal reserves. During the whole period of fasting your mind must control your body. To carry out this procedure it is best in the warm time of year and closer to nature. Samosamnina in the apartment in the middle of the city – not the best situation for you during this period.

40 days fasting includes only voluntary. Fixed days 7, calm and measured rhythm of life, excluded large physical and psychological overload. From TV, the Internet and to communicate with unpleasant for you, it is advisable to refuse. The pure, living water required. No sweetened drinks, even honey. During fasting, only think about the high, and constantly rejoice in the fact that winning is low. This is important. Assuming in the head of aggressive thoughts, envy and pride, can easily be live up to hallucinations.
It is best to enter a 40-day starvation on the minimum activities of the organism.

The stages of fasting

The first three days is a short cycle of the kidneys. Cleaned urinary system of the body. Drink plenty of water required. 7 days is the cleansing of the digestive tract. You may need even cleaning the rectum with enemas, but not more than one or two times. If at this time you are haunted by constipation, you need to stop fasting. Your body is not ready for a deep, radical cleaning.

The next cycle is 12 days. The body is prepared for the last 7 days to cleanse the blood and lymph, blood vessels and even the heart muscle. If all goes successfully, at 11-12 days you must be an amazing clarity in my head. You should feel improved vision, even the whites of your eyes will become much brighter. If there is heaviness in the head, for thoughts will become prokopevskim, you need to calmly get out of starvation and try again in 6 months.

Up to 21 days is the cleansing of bone and cartilage tissues, skin, tendons and other connective tissues. During this period you will definitely begin to urinate liquid that have an unpleasant odor. That's right. The cleansing began.
And color, and smell of urine, you will monitor the progress of starvation. Up to 21 days urine should brighten.

36 days is the cleansing of the nervous system. It comes with some bursts. At this time, you live quietly, normally, and suddenly you want to run somewhere, you remember some vivid memories. Do not worry, that is exactly what clears the brain. But for a person who in life has accumulated a lot of bad thoughts and decisions to fast longer than 21 days is dangerous to mental health, despite great willpower.

36 the day you begin to run your body for normal functioning. Can drink a glass of warm water with dissolved in it a teaspoon of honey. Listen to your body. Not in a hurry. 38 a day can eat two to three teaspoons of liquid oatmeal, and at night - shabby Apple.

The build is very individual. Definitely, you should not have a heavy, animal food. If cleansing of the body is successful, you can easily go back to normal life.