Why play Minecraft with a friend

Minecraft - world in which you not only fight the aggressors provided by the game itself, but also to join a team, fighting against other players. Playing with a friend in Minecraft, you will be able to achieve much more. Because you can get together the resources to use all the buildings together, to organize military campaigns against other players, your success in the game can be multiplied twice.

The game Minecraft to play with your friends on the network.

How to play Minecraft over the Internet

To travel the cubic globe friendly company, you need computers each player to install Minecraft, go online and find an interesting server. To get with friends in the overall game, you need only when you login to the system to register the ip address in the same way.

Meet with your friend, plan joint campaigns, communicating in the chat, in private areas specify the name of the companion in section owners.

By the way, playing Minecraft even more fun if you to chat during game play on the phone or perhaps via Skype.

The choice of free and paid servers with different maps and add-ons Minecraft online huge. To find, refer to the search engine, read the forums microptera or visit the relevant groups in social networks.

How to play with a friend on LAN in Minecraft

There is another option that allows you to play with a friend in Minecraft together. It means a lot, if at least one of the players connect to the Internet. To do this, use the local network. Unfortunately, if your computers are far away from each other, to make such a connection will fail. But if the distance issue is resolved, you need to insert a wire to connect LAN in both computers. Usually supplied adsl modem, or you can always buy a long cable from a retailer.

To play Minecraft with a friend on the network, you need to configure the connection. Go to "start>control Panel upravleniya>control Center network and sharing". In the left part of the window that opens scroll to "Change adapter settings>local area Connection", click the "Network" tab and in the properties section, uncheck the line "Internet Protocol 6(TCP/IPv6)" and in the box about

Protocol 4(TCP/IPv4), tick the box opposite. As the ip address, write the numbers: In the "subnet Mask", enter the following: In the "default gateway" write: In the section "DNS server" enter the numbers: Save the settings by filling in the same information on connected devices.

On that computer, install server Minecraft and server at the Park.properties, instead of an ip address filled with numbers, write server-ip =. In the line online-mode= true enter.

To LAN to play Minecraft with friends, they have at the entrance to the section where you specify the server, написать192.168.0.1:25565.