In browser games opportunities a bit limited, because the game is displayed directly in your browser (the program to view pages on the Internet). In order to begin the quest, go to any game, read the information posted for visitors and proceed for registration.
During registration, enter a little information about yourself, e-mail address to recover a forgotten password or newsletter of the project, select the alias that will be used in the game, a picture of your character.
Successfully registered, you can login to the game under the name specified during registration. Usually browser games are not very complex and in-game space is small, so you can quite easily find his friend, if he is too sign up on this website.
In multiplayer games features much more than a browser. This is possible due to the fact that they are not part of the browser, and in the framework of a private client. The client may contain a huge number of textures, the game world will be very large, and the graphics are significantly different from the web pictures.
Usually, in order to play this game it requires a licensed version. In the Internet there are a large number of servers providing the opportunity to spend time in their favorite game. For this you need to enter your alias in the game settings and select in the menu "Play online" (or "online" in every game this item may be named differently).
In such programs, you have the opportunity to create their own gaming location server, and if you put the password required to log in to your existing game, to give the password to your friend, you will be able to fight only with him.