Rules strollers

According to the rules governing the air transportation of prams, they fall into the category of "baggage". But the stroller should meet certain size requirements that each airline their own.

If the stroller is big and does not stack, it cannot be transported as hand Luggage, and, handing in the Luggage, you most likely will have to pay for its non-standard dimensions. It is often cheaper to buy a small stroller specifically for the vacation than to pay for excess baggage, wanting to take the usual, but too much buggy.

Think about whether you will approach another solution: at many resorts convenient baby stroller provided by the hotel for rent or for free. It may be more convenient and profitable than shipping.

If the stroller you don't need during the flight, it is best to check in your Luggage. Do not forget to purchase a special cover for the pram, so it is not damaged in the baggage hold of the aircraft. You can also wrap it with a protective film, this service exists in all major airports of the world.

Some airlines strictly do not permit getting on Board the buggy passengers, but they provide their own for the duration of the flight.

Attention baggage delivery. Sometimes strollers are not issued with the usual suitcases, and in the Department of large or oversized cargo.

Rules of different airlines

Please contact the help Desk of your airline to clarify the rules for the carriage of wheelchairs in them. The fact that these rules differ greatly. In any case, even if the tour operator assures you that everything is in order, check yourself in airlines: an error may result in additional stress and the need to pay for oversized baggage.

For example, according to official information, the company "Aeroflot" requires that all strollers (even a folding "cane") was transported in the Luggage compartment. No extra cost to the passenger is not charged. The stroller can be taken before boarding, as at the time of registration it is marked in a special way: he gets a sticker Delivery at aircraft. Return the stroller, too, immediately upon arrival, without waiting for baggage.

Transaero airlines permits the carriage in passenger compartment folding wheelchairs "sticks" and carry cots. All other strollers must be checked in as baggage.

If you're flying a low cost airline, where, as a rule, the stroller need to pay. Although there are exceptions.