You will need
  • - the doctor
  • - prescription medications
  • check
In the planes allowed to carry any drugs that are not recognized as psychotropic and narcotic drugs. However, a single of the established procedure for transportation of medicines does not exist.
As reported by RBC news Agency, in most cases, in order to carry in the cabin one or the other drug, you will need a written opinion of your physician, prescription medications and a receipt that you must keep after purchase. In some cases, a doctor may require translation.
A similar set of requirements for carriage in your hand Luggage medicines present in most airports in Europe. But to avoid possible trouble, to learn more about the relevant regulations specific to airport in advance. For example, many airlines prohibit the carry of drugs expiring, etc.
Patients with diabetes in addition to other documents you need to provide a certificate confirming the diagnosis or special passport (passport of a patient with diabetes). They must indicate the name of the applied insulin dose and frequency of administration of the drug.
Experts warn that can deliver the insulin in baggage is fraught with troubles: a drug can deteriorate at high temperature. The same caution applies to most other drugs.
If you suffer from any chronic disease, before departure check with the doctor about making a medicine in terms of crossing several time zones.
Not to be left without the necessary medication in case of possible lost Luggage, divide them into two parts.