Advice 1: What a surprise to make my sister's birthday

It happens that even the closest people fighting. Can't find a common language. However, while disagreements continue to have to each other tender feelings. And birthday especially. Because the choice of gift - a pleasant chores. After all, the surprise should be remembered for years to come.
What a surprise to make my sister's birthday

Gift for younger sister.

To turn the day of birth of the youngest sister in a fairy tale is easy. Enough to know which present she wanted to. Little girls usually love dolls. So, if you find in the store that which is not in the collection of your sister, feel free to buy.

Even more interesting gift - a Dollhouse. Playing with him and its inhabitants, the sister will learn to dream and to put different scenes.

A good gift can become colorful books and educational games.

The special surprise will be going to the Dolphinarium or Park. Feast with the heroes of cartoons and fairy tales, cake and a huge number of balloons is sure to delight any little girl.

Surprise for my sister.

Birthday older sister, you can plan more interesting. Since you know her preferences, imagine what kind of emotions would cause her soul in one or another surprise.

For example, you can organize the kidnapping. The crime here is not, but the spirit of adventure is present. Let's say your sister likes to sail. This will be the last item on her adventure. Hire a car, decorate it. Call from a strange number to my sister and ask to go out. The driver out of her eyes and will take you to the yacht. By this time you must have time to set the table and invite friends.

A good gift for your sister can be a stylish scarf or handbag. They must approach the image of the birthday girl. So, a bag with rhinestones is unlikely to be approved if the sister prefers a sporty style.

If the sister is fond of photography as a gift you can give a professional camera. To those who like to cook will be nice to get a book on cooking. And hardly any woman can resist a manicure set.

The birthday of a sister will be delighted to loan in the pool, massages, fitness. You have to decide where exactly to buy a ticket - simple. It is sufficient to consult with the birthday girl. She must have been dreaming about something specific. In addition, the pass can be ordered for yourself. Therefore, you sister will make the company and their shape will order.

If you want to become a real magician and surprise - the limit of all dreams, hand the ticket to distant lands. At the same time to go to rest, you can also together. You will be able to fill the communication that the house was not enough time. Chores, work, husbands, children - all will recede into the background. All you need to enjoy an amazing journey and obtain pleasant experience.

Advice 2: How to surprise on birthday

Day of birth – is not just a holiday but an opportunity to surprise and please a loved one. This day will be remembered for a long time, you can give the celebrant a surprise.
How to surprise on birthday
Video greeting as a surprise. For some time before the holiday start shooting the honoree in different situations and at different angles. Connect to this employment of the best friends and family of the birthday boy. Of the best frame mount mini-movie. To collect all the videos together using the program Windows Movie Maker. Upload a video on Youtube or any other video hosting. In birthday send a link to the video along with the electronic postcard.
A sea of congratulations. Threw all kinds of birthday greetings. Send so many greetings, how old was the guest of honor. It can be free with a beautiful congratulation message by e-mail, audio greeting, video greeting, congratulation on the pavement, which can be seen from the balcony or through the window, greeting the poster, telegram, by mail, postcard, congratulation for a window or a poem on a balloon.
A surprise party. In this idea the main thing – the mystery, don't say anything about the holiday hero of the occasion. Plan a place for the organization of the event, call all friends of the birthday boy. Prepare and decorate the building. Call your friend under the pretext to help with anything or just to meet. A minute before his appearance, hide and turn the lights off. As soon as he appears on the threshold, all along to congratulate him or shout "Surprise!".
Box congratulations. Pre-call all the relatives and friends of the birthday boy and ask them to come up with original greetings. It can be wishes from the heart or any history. Ask everyone to write down their thoughts on paper and roll into a tube. Choose a box of suitable size and place all the congratulations. The box must fill in nicely. You can wrap it with colored paper or paint colors. The birthday present it together with the main gift.
A surprise quest. Options exciting quest may be different, it all depends on your imagination. For example, you can hide all the presents in a safe place and to consider the route to them. All tips are to write down on pieces of paper and put them in envelopes. If you wish, you can schedule a script holiday. For example, first conduct the competitions and the quest, find all the gifts, then go to the restaurant or cafe, and finally start the fireworks or balloons filled with helium.

Advice 3: How to organize a birthday husband

Soon the day of birth of husband and you are once again scratching their heads over what to fix, what to give. Gifts gifts, but the celebration of the day of birth is equally important. Joint holidays add to the relations of brightness and new emotions. If you are in charge of day of birth, male joy is not the limit.
How to organize a birthday husband
Day of birth in nature. If you don't get out family out of town, it will be interesting to spend this auspicious day in nature. You can go on a village walk or rent a room at the recreation center, pre-decorating it with balloons and posters. If the husband loves fishing, make him company - he will appreciate it! Very exciting bike tours. In short, everything depends on your imagination.
Day of birth together. First, let's define some "evening program". Arrange husband evening Thai massage or Arabian night with belly dancing. Pre-pick the appropriate costume and think of a plan of action. This evening you should be mysterious, unpredictable, seductive. Create in the room a romantic atmosphere with candles and flowers. Don't forget about dinner or light snacks with champagne. This evening your husband should feel like a master. It would give him great pleasure. Continue the celebration in bed, this is a very diversifies sexual relationship.
Day of birth in the family. For someone family celebrations - an integral tradition. If the celebration you have invited relatives, you need to carefully prepare the menu of the celebration. Entertainment for holiday you can come up with the most becoming for the evening master of ceremonies, and it is possible to hire organizers to spend more time with guests and my husband and not worry that someone of the guests will be bored.
Day of birth in the circle of friends. If you know that my husband will be happy to celebrate the day of birth with his friends, throw him a great surprise: call and invite themselves all his friends to the feast in honor of his birth. Better if your husband is not going to know anything about your intentions, otherwise it will ruin the whole effect of surprise. In the day of birth under some pretext, you should take her husband to the place of celebration, where you will wait for all his friends. It is possible to involve everyone in the event: drawing up of contests, games, entertainment. Happy holiday you provided!
Greetings happy birthday husband. The husband's birthday is a great occasion to remember all the wonderful moments that link together the couple. Of the following greetings You will be able to choose those lines that are overflowing heart of the beloved husband only pleasant feelings.
Useful advice
If your husband likes to celebrate in a large group of people, invite home all his friends. Organize the birthday of the party. Start with the preparation of the festive table, because we all love a delicious and original recipes. Can come up with a theme party for the Birthday of your husband. For example, select the topic: "Hawaiian nights". To implement this idea you need to decorate the apartment in style at this bright and large...
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