For beauty

Girls 13 years of age begin to use makeup, so giving her a set of cosmetics for young skin, you will not regret it. Makeup may be for face care and decorative. Perfume or perfume will please a girl. But such gifts are difficult to choose, if you do not know the preferences of the girls.

Fashionable clothes will be an excellent gift, but keep in mind the style that the birthday girl prefers. 13 years old girls love to dress up, jeans, t-shirts, dresses not much happens. Fashionable and stylish shoes will also bring the culprit of the holiday fun.

Thirteen-year-old girls already wear jewelry. In jewelry stores you can buy whole kits for young coquettes. Decoration is made in the same style for adult women, but account for almost child of the future owners. You can give jewelry, but please note that jewelry should be really high quality and stylish. It is best to order a set of jewelry from some of the masters of manual work.


In the 13 years girls have pages on social networks, communicate by phone or Skype. For a teenager a good gift would be a new cell phone, preferably a smartphone, tablet or e-book.

If you can afford it, can please a young birthday girl new computer. Otherwise, a great gift would be a new keyboard made especially for young girls (pink, streamlined shape, with drawings of animals, etc.), mouse or even a printer.

13-year old girls love to take pictures or shoot video. So the birthday girl could use a new good camera or even a compact camcorder. There gifts digital photo frame.

You can give a young Flirty elegant watch, best quartz. They look stylish enough, but to have every day as a mechanical, they do not need.

If you want to stay on the cheaper gifts, take a look at flash drives in original-style covers for your cell phone, players, stands, laptop speakers.


13 years old girls already have Hobbies. A great gift would be one that supports these classes. The athlete can give the bag shape and sports equipment. The seamstress will appreciate the embroidery kits, sculpting, or beading. The artist will buy a set of paints and brushes, easel or other objects necessary for drawing. And you can buy the book for the needle, which is a description of beautiful Handicrafts.

And of course a young girl will appreciate flowers or a soft toy.