Browser choice

For a long time, Internet Explorer was considered the fastest and most reliable. However, the developers of the Internet resources are constantly improving their websites, complicating their opportunities. This in turn is quite strongly slows down the download sites. To solve this problem, you can switch to using other Internet browsers that allows you to flexibly configure the downloadable content.

For example, Firefox already written a number of extensions to block such site elements as Java Script and Flash, which significantly speeds up the Internet. A very important addition to this browser is the program Adblock Plus, it allows you to almost completely block all advertising that may be present on the sites. A similar set of add-ons has browser Google Chrome, in addition, this browser is known for low memory requirements. To the Internet with slow Internet can use the Opera browser. This program is equipped with a special data compression technology - Opera Turbo, specially designed to work in such conditions.

Extra add-ons and extensions

There are many add-ons and extensions accelerating work on the Internet. At the same time, the use of many of these supplements leads to the opposite effect, they slow down your browser. Try disabling those that you do not use. It is not necessary to overload the browser with a large number of add-ons, even if they are useful to you. The joint work of many extensions, in itself slows down the loading of pages.

Optimizing connectivity

If you are using a wireless connection, it is possible that the low speed of the Internet stems from the fact that the channel you are using is overloaded. To test your network, download Internet and run inSSIDer. It allows you to see networks that are available nearby and the channels in which they operate. Write down on a piece of paper the channels that are overloaded with a large number of connections. If necessary, change the channel your wireless connection.

Another reason for the slow wireless connection might not be the optimal location of the router. Try to arrange it so that between it and the computer had no obstacles (e.g. walls).

Optimization of PC

Connecting to the Internet requires a certain amount of RAM. If it is not enough, the connection slows down. Remove programs that you do not use. Scan PC antivirus for the presence of spyware and viruses, their presence also leads to deterioration of the Internet connection. Make sure that the PC is not working two firewalls in parallel. The joint work of two such programs negatively affects the security and speed of the Internet. If you bought and installed a separate firewall, make sure that you have disabled the firewall operating system itself.