If you are using a browser, and you don't have enough speed to load web pages, you can facilitate incoming traffic, thereby increasing the speed for downloading information. To do this in the browser settings you need to disable images to load. This will increase the speed of your connection several times. Ensure that your work in the browser do not interfere with the injection and that you were not included torrent download managers can easily block the channel.
In order to maximize the speed of traffic when surfing the web, use Opera mini. This browser was designed for mobile phones and how to use it, download and install the java emulator. Disable in the browser settings pictures and you will be pleasantly surprised that instead of the usual three hundred kilobytes one page website takes a maximum of thirty kilobytes.
If you want to increase the speed of downloads, you need to turn off the browser to send all traffic left it to download the file. Set priority of a download and the speed download at the maximum and turn off possible restrictions on speed of file downloading.