You will need
  • Computer, Internet access.
Examine all the rates of your service provider and select the most suitable for you. The speed of Internet access is constantly growing, so occasionally learn about new products and exchange rate.
Find out about all the providers that can provide Internet access in your home. Compare their rates. If there are better offers, rastorgnuta or pause (a must!) the current contract and make a new one.
Close all applications that operate over the Internet. This is especially true of the various torrents. Run the task Manager again and check whether the programs you disabled.
Install itself on your computer program AusLogics BoostSpeed. It will help you to speed up your computer and give a small (around 10KB/s) speed increase. This program is paid, so as to increase momentarily the download speed will not work.
NetScream is a software to optimize modem. It will help to achieve maximum download and upload speed. Suitable for Dial-up, ADSL, ISDN and DSL. Of course, it will be useless if you have a different connection.
In Windows XP there is a setting which reduces the speed of traffic by 20%. It is recommended to disable and thereby increase the download speed. This can be done by doing the following: start – run - enter "gpedit.msc". Then you need to go to the computer configuration find the administrative templates, then network and package Manager QoS. You need to set the "enabled" checkbox to limit reservable bandwidth and set to 0%. After these steps, you have to restart the computer.
Install Adguard program. It disables ads in browser, and hence relieve the traffic.
To increase download and upload speed you can also use the program torrent. It splits the entire file into pieces and shakes it from different places, so it downloaded a lot faster. Don't forget that this program still gives downloaded, i.e., to following download to go faster you must stop the distribution of the previous one.