According to the study researchers from Denmark, which was attended by 1207 pregnant women, 1 - 3 cups of weak coffee a day will not affect the health of the expectant mother and her baby. On the contrary, they even contribute to the improvement of health and mood elevation of a pregnant woman. But exceeding this amount can lead to very sad consequences.

Why not to drink coffee during pregnancy

It's very simple. Coffee has stimulating properties. Because it can negatively affect mood, sleep, the internal organs in the expectant mothers, nervous system and fetus, and to increase blood pressure. This drink is able to reduce the weight of the newborn is approximately 100 – 200 grams and even increase the risk of death before birth. In addition, it has diuretic properties, due to which can lead to dehydration expectant mothers, which, of course, is very harmful for the baby.

Another disadvantage of consuming coffee is its ability to rid the body of essential minerals, such as iron, phosphorus and potassium, and prevent them from being assimilated. In the end, the child in the tummy, there is very little important substances that can lead to the development of their rickets and other diseases. Women who have been diagnosed with "preeclampsia", should refuse to take coffee. As it can only worsen their position. Not recommended to use this drink and high blood pressure, for them it is very dangerous. As it can lead to preeclampsia and, accordingly, to miscarry.

Natural coffee with milk – is it possible to drink expectant mothers?

This drink if you dilute it with cream or natural milk, of course, will not be as strong. Therefore, harm from it will be less. However, it is better not to exceed the established norm of 3 cups. Let you drink less of the drink, but protect yourself and your baby from possible problems.

What drinks can replace natural coffee

You say green or black tea, and be wrong. Because it, like coffee, contains caffeine. For the same reason it is better to abandon KIESELSTEIN beverages, such as cocoa. The best choice for expectant mothers is a variety of berry fruit drinks, juices from fruits and vegetables, compotes, plain drinking water.

Take care of yourself and your baby, help him to be born healthy and strong!