Completely eliminate alcoholic beverages. Alcohol is one of the worst enemies of pregnancy, as this has a heavy influence on the development of a fetus. Consequences caused by abuse of alcohol, may be irreversible, and pathology are not always revealed in the early stages.
Do not eat raw meat and fish products. They can contain dangerous bacteria and infections that cause the infection by helminth infections that affects the fetus. In addition, raw food – borne intestinal infections.
Do not abuse food that may cause future allergic dependence in the child. These include seafood, especially delicacies (caviar, shrimp), honey, citrus fruits, exotic fruits, chocolate. In the early stages it is better to avoid these foods because the baby may be born with congenital diathesis. Also, do not "lean" on the spicy food.
Omit flour. Flour products, especially bread, pies, cakes, muffins, pancakes, etc. – these are the brightest representatives of high-calorie foods, contributing to weight gain. Excess weight does not benefit any pregnant woman or unborn child.
Limit use of canned foods and smoked. They can cause botulism, which is dangerous not only for health but also for life in General.
Do not provoke poisoning, intoxication and irritation of the digestive system. To do this, completely eliminate mushrooms, melons and watermelons.
Pay attention to the drinks. Do not drink kvass. First, it belongs to the category of low alcohol beverages, and secondly, it contributes to bloating. Limit the use of strong tea and coffee. They increase the pressure that can affect pregnancy in the form of hypertonus of the uterus, which causes premature birth.
Try to eat only natural products. A variety of preservatives and dyes, dangerous for any human because they can cause disorders in the liver, kidneys and other vital organs. This does not mean that similar products should be excluded completely, it is simply better to limit their use.
Refrain from exotic fruits and other unknown products. They can cause unexpected reactions of the body and cause a risk to the pregnancy and fetus. Known fruit it is better to avoid papaya, pineapple, bananas and grapes.