Vigor caused by coffee, stimulates the nervous system. In reasonable doses is good, but for ordinary people. Pregnant women are contraindicated strong tonic and nervous shock causing substances. Coffee may cause unnecessary anxiety, disrupt sleep, cause rapid change in mood.
If you drink it too often, it helps tone the uterus, resulting in miscarriage. In addition, the consumption of the drink leads to increase in blood pressure. Since during pregnancy it is already high, the ability of coffee can harm the body. The same can be said about the ability of the drink to become more frequent palpitations. The rhythm of the heart affects the condition of the pregnant woman and the embryo.
Among the negative effects of coffee it should be noted its ability to remove calcium from the body. This trace mineral is very essential to pregnant women for the formation of bone structure, teeth and nails of the baby. So even if you decide once to drink coffee, add the milk.

The diuretic properties of the drink increase the burden on the kidneys. It is also desirable for pregnant women. And without that increased urination can lead to disruption of electrolyte balance and dehydration.
Because everything that uses mother affects the unborn child, then the consumption of coffee affects the embryo. Vasoconstriction of a woman's uterus after taking the drink limits the flow of oxygen to the fetus. This leads to hypoxia and immaturity of the brain. Sometimes the lack of oxygen leads to the fading of the fetus. Lack of calcium leached from the woman's body because of the consumption of coffee, disrupts the formation of bones, teeth and nails of the baby. The fruit undergoes excitability after eating a mom of refreshing drink. It is also seen that pregnant women who abuse coffee, newborns are underweight.
If absolutely unbearable, you can occasionally treat yourself to a Cup of coffee with milk, but not more often than once a week. If you feel discomfort or other negative feelings, better to play it safe and completely eliminate coffee from the menu. You can try to replace it with chicory root. This product and the smell, and taste similar to coffee, but has such a strong stimulating effect.