The effects of bee sting

When you bite bee sting breaks the soft shell and begins to inject the poison. Sting has a lot of small nicks, and after a bite, the insect is unable to pull it out. It comes out of the bees body with stings, then it dies. Dose of one bee venom is not considered fatal, except in cases of an Allergy to it. As a rule, one bite can cause minor pain, swelling, redness of the skin. Usually, these symptoms eventually pass.
Stronger unpleasant sensations appear in the case of bee sting in the sensitive area of the body (face, neck). In this case, pain and swelling can persist for more than two days.

When multiple bites are pain and swelling of the skin increase. The person may receive the response to the toxicity of the venom: the deterioration of the General condition, headache, fever. People who have a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting, appear specific symptoms: difficulty breathing, swelling in other non-bite areas, loss of consciousness, dizziness.

What to do if stung by a bee

After a bee sting should immediately pull out its sting. Squeeze it with your fingers only if the area of the skin is not sensitive, if the person is not an allergic reaction, and if stung by one bee. It is recommended to get the stinger out with tweezers, needles, long nails. The stinger out of the skin with difficulty, as it has garunovich form: there are hooks, curved from the tip in the opposite direction. They cannot be seen with the naked eye.
When you extrude the sting, the poison spreads in the body faster.

After extracting the stinger to moisten the affected area with potassium permanganate, ethanolic solutions or salted water to neutralize the poison, to get rid of itching. When one bee sting people who are allergic to bee venom may not feel the pain and forget about the stinger left in the skin. In this case, nothing terrible will happen. The bite formed a small abscess, which sooner or later sting will come out on its own.

By the bite of several bees need to increase the amount of fluids you drink. For removing poison will be useful to juice, herbal tea, dissolved in water honey. To improve the General condition of the body contributes to the intake of vitamin C. to prevent a bee sting, you should avoid places with high concentration of these insects, but when ingested in high density, it is impossible to do sharp movements, waving his arms.