Lemon diet

In addition to recreation, the winter will give you and extra pounds. You can try the diet followed in Hollywood. Lemon diet is very popular because it does not prohibit a varied diet. It is not based on a change of eating habits. Lemon diet helps to cleanse the body, so you will lose weight quickly.

The diet consists of introducing lemons in the diet. You need to drink a glass of lemon juice on an empty stomach for three weeks. To use lemons is also during the day, adding them to salads or fish products.

Clean your body. Experts say that toxins in the body cause weight gain. Therefore, a diet based on lemon juice will help you maintain your ideal weight. For that to happen, you need a month to drink lemon juice in a specific sequence: first day, juice of one lemon, the second day juice of two lemons, fifth day, or three lemons. The following days you may want to reduce the number of lemons until you reach to one a day for six days. Then you need to only drink the juice of half a lemon a day. Drink the juice half an hour before meals. Do not include in the diet other fruits containing vitamin C, like oranges or kiwi. The lemon diet is to stick to once a year.

Grapefruit help to lose three pounds

Another great fruit from the family of citrus fruits is the grapefruit. It is also useful for weight loss. The study was conducted on a group of a hundred people, in Scripps clinic in California. The subjects drank the juice of half a grapefruit, or eaten half of a grapefruit, without changing their diet diet. After twelve weeks, the average weight loss amounted to about three to four pounds.

Oranges will help maintain your weight

Oranges are an important source of fiber. It helps in the intestines and reduce appetite. That is why they are recommended to maintain a constant body weight. You should eat an orange before every meal and also drink plenty of orange juice. In the morning, freshly squeezed orange juice to drink before Breakfast. In the afternoon to drink it before meals. In the evening all you can afford is orange juice. This citrus diet can be used over a long period of time.

Citrus fruit diet is not suitable for people who suffer from ulcers or gastritis.