You will need
  • Fresh beets, fresh carrots, water, mineral water, decoction of rose hips, cucumber juice, juicer.
Before you prepare the juice from the beets and carrots, wash the vegetables in warm water with a brush. Peel, cut into bars and using a juicer squeeze the juice from them.
Give the prepared juice to stand on the Desk or in the refrigerator for an hour or two to evaporate from it harmful volatile fraction, which, if ingested, can cause spasms of the blood vessels, headache, nausea.
If the concentrated carrot juice, you can not add water, other juices, beet juice in its pure form should not be taken for the first time. Start eating beet juice with one to two tablespoons, diluting their 70-100 ml of carrot juice. Every day the amount of beet juice in the drink you can increase, gradually bringing it to a 50:50 ratio with carrot juice.
More than 100 ml of beet juice daily use should not. You can dilute the beet juice is not only carrot, but Apple, pumpkin, cabbage or plain water mineral without gas, broth hips.
Drink beetroot and carrot juice in an amount of 50 ml, 1-3 times daily, 20 minutes before eating. This juice has healing properties. He confronts anemia, increasing hemoglobin in the blood, tuberculosis, insomnia, eczema, thyroid disease, dissolves excess calcium in the blood vessels, lowers blood pressure in hypertension, and is useful for menstruation in women.
Carrot-beet juice is a cleanser of the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, especially if you add to it the juice of fresh cucumber. Patients with cancer-doctors and folk healers are advised to drink the juice of carrots and beets constantly.