How to make non-alcoholic wines

In the early stages of production the technology of manufacture of non-alcoholic wine is no different from the usual process. Just as grapes are crushed, the juice extracted and leave it to ferment. After the fermentation process ends, the usual wine is bottled or left to stand in barrels.

Non-alcoholic wine at this stage is subjected to further processing using heating or "cold" dealcoholization by reverse osmosis. The wine is not exposed to heat, it is considered better, because in this case it is possible to fully preserve the taste and useful qualities of this drink, all contained vitamins, trace elements and natural antioxidants from the group of flavonoids. Not saved just alcohol and sugar.

However, from alcohol to completely get rid of the non-alcoholic wine still contains about 0.5%, but this quantity of alcohol it contains and the usual fresh juice. After dealcoholization the wine is bottled and put in stores.

What non-alcoholic wine to choose

When choosing non-alcoholic wines can give preference to those brands, which are produced by "cold" dealcoholization. The rest is a matter of taste. Some people prefer unseasoned dry white wine, some red. To the table these wines are picked in the same way as usual – the fish and cheeses are better with white wines, to meat – red.

But if you want to get more benefit from drinking wine, better to give preference for red varieties. In them same as in normal red wine contained polyphenols: anthocyanidin, tannins, catechin and others, that these wines owe their ruby color and tart taste. These polyphenols are a group of antioxidant flavonoids that protect the body from damaging ultraviolet rays and radiation. In red wine, including nonalcoholic, of these substances more than in grape juice, and soft fault them even more than usual.

Flavonoids harmful effect on cancer cells and inhibit the process of regression due to age-related changes in the body. Drinking red wine stimulates the increase of the level of high density lipoproteins in the blood, preventing atherosclerotic vascular disease, ie is the prevention of heart attacks and strokes. So drink non-alcoholic red wine is healthier than white.