Modern wines are produced in different variants. The type of wine depends primarily on the kind of the raw materials used and amounts of sugar added to the drink during its fermentation. The last parameter you can select the following types of wine:
- table,
- dessert,
- fortified.

Table wines, in turn, are dry, semi-sweet and semi-dry. It is their most often served to the table, and in some countries there is a tradition of daily consumption of this drink.
Quality wine is good for health (in moderation, of course): it tones the skin, normalizes metabolism and also affect protein digestion.

Dessert wines are represented in the form of sweet and semi-sweet, such as wine, Muscat and Tokay. These drinks are the most common and commonly used, Cahors, for example, is famous because it is used for performing sacraments.

Strong dessert wines are Madeira, port, etc. while they are cooking wine material is subjected to continuous heating on the sunlight.

Grape wine

Grape wines are red, white or pink, they can be sorted as follows:

- If the drink is made from a single type of grapes, such wines are called varietal.

- Severnye wine produced from several grape varieties and are aged together in the same container, often in oak.

Blended wines are also made from several grape species. However, the method of preparation is very different. In this case, the mixing of species occurs when the juice is fermented and acquired properties of semi-finished beverage.

Fine wines

Depending on the cooking time of the types of wines are fine and ordinary. Ordinary wines are aged for more than a year and have a relatively low cost. That is they can often be found on the shelves of most stores. These wines are made specifically for mass consumption.

Fine drinks can Mature up to 5 years. These wines are highly appreciated by true gourmets, they are expensive. If the wine is stored longer than 5 years and is subject to all the rules of winemaking, these drinks into a class of collectible and their value is directly proportional to the age of the bottle. Vintage wines are most often found among the French and Chilean brands.
Chilean wine (dry) is famous not only for taste, but also the abundance of antioxidants in its chemical composition.

The wine quality is influenced by many factors. The area in which the grapes were grown has a number of distinctive factors. Weather conditions, in which grew a particular variety can make wines of the same names, completely different taste. True connoisseurs when buying bottles for its exclusive collection of carefully studying information on the aging of the fruits of this batch of grapes.