You will need
  • - white wine.
White wine refrigerate before use. Delicate bouquet of the drink is revealed at a temperature of about 25 ° C for dry white wine. If you bought a dessert wine or champagne, chill it to 6-8 degrees. Serve white wine with seafood, cheese, pate.
Choose a drink from several types: dry wines or table – fortress 10-12° and a sugar content of 0.2%, semi-dry wine is 12-15° strongholds and sugar 5%, semi-sweet wine, respectively 15° and 7%, sweet wine or dessert – 9° and 10%. Color and tint varies from a clear, light straw to deep yellow.
In every country where winemaking has its original wine varieties. The famous semi-dry wines of Germany - "the Tears of a Cardinal", "Old Friends" and "the Black Cat". Hungarian - "Chardonnay", "Tokai native", "Muscat" and "Riesling". Spain produces dry wine "Senso" and "Camposol".
But the Queen of winemaking on the right is France. Popular following dry and semi-dry wines: "Baron dereniak", "Pierre Marcel", "Bourbon Blank", "Jean-Paul Blanc Male", "Jean-Paul Chenet Chardonnay", "L Eschenauer Blanc", "Bordeaux Edmond Blanc" and many other fine brands. Table wines of Kakheti made from local grape varieties – Rkatsiteli, Saperavi, Mtsvane.
White semi-sweet wines dominated by sweet taste. Kakhetian wines are distinguished from "Tvishi" and "Chkhaveri".
The sugar content in sweet wines to about 10 %, so they have a pronounced sweet taste. They make the blending – mixing of different grape varieties with the aim of obtaining a certain taste, bouquet and colors. This dessert wine is different from white dry table wines that are made from a single grape variety.
In the champagne region in North-Eastern France creates champagne – turn ordinary tart white wine in igrasia easy to drink. This wine is rather weak - his strength does not exceed 10-13.5°. Serve champagne to snacks, cheese, cookies, fruit, almonds, nuts and sweets.