Crying during prayer - is it normal?

There are many varied reasons due to which during the prayers of the people want to cry. Of course, the value and emotional features of the believer - those who has high sensitivity and lability, and also is under the influence of strong stress, prayer can often be accompanied by a similar reaction.
According to the clergymen, the prayer must come from the heart and be sincere – people, referring to God, appears before him "at a glance", so there is no reason to hide something.

People are crying, as you know, and from fear - as turning to God, many asking for help. Describing the current situation (serious illness, family problems or personal life, and any troubles of life, leading to intense emotions), a person is going through sometimes a whole range of feelings – confusion, fear, panic, hopelessness, sadness and despair. Thus it becomes clear that the reasons for the tears, sorry, too much.

After the prayer, many immediately comes relief – people believe that they will help again, not so sensitive to heavy, leaning on them lately. In this case, you may want crying from relief and joy, but also because they now had hope. According to psychologists, reprimand, to reconsider their attitude to a particular issue – i.e. sharing their experiences and voicing them during prayer, a person may feel much easier.
"Open" for many people, especially not so long ago came to faith, it is sometimes quite difficult. And "turning the soul inside out", to experience the urge to cry – it is a natural feeling.

Why on eyes tears well up

However, praying, believers can not only expect help with their problems. Repenting of their own sins, people may not remember the most pleasant moments of their own. Sincerely repenting of their actions and words and thoughts, and asking for forgiveness for this, many believers in the eyes begin to dimmed with tears. You should not fear this - by clearing the soul from the hurt, evil and all painful and negative, it is possible to fill it with bright thoughts and move on, trying to be better, kinder and happier. And then, when the prayer of people have already thanked God for everything in his life, again can arise an irresistible desire to cry, but from happiness – from that comes the understanding: while the person is alive, he is capable of much.