Why do people cry in my sleep?

Crying during sleep is more common in children than adults – child's mind is less resistant, a variety of turmoil experienced by the child during the day are reflected in dreams, in the night crying. Especially emotional and sensitive children in a dream can even shout and talk. This usually requires additional measures, however, if the weeping in the dream is repeated frequently, the child may need to consult a psychologist or a neurologist.

Popular superstition says that crying during sleep laughing during the day – this discharge brings calm and good mood.

Adults usually react less emotionally than children, often denying himself to Express negative feelings. Nervous tension finds its way out during sleep, that people can have nightmares, possible and night crying. If waking up in tears, you feel relieved, the reason for the unrest there.

If after a night of crying, you feel oppressed and depressed, it may be necessary to perform its attitude to the frustrating situations you to look for new solutions for urgent problems. Frequent crying in sleep, especially against the background of daily well-being, can serve as a reason for going to a psychologist or physician for the appointment of a sedative – is typically sufficient rate of light herbal medicinal products.

Crying in your sleep because of dreams in which a man is forced to relive traumatic events, to empathize with the characters of the dream, to get into unusual, frightening or causing the sadness of the situation. Often a person forgets in the morning what he dreamed about experienced emotions are the only traces of tears.

If you see that in the dream, crying your close people, to Wake it is only in the case when the lament clearly causes him discomfort, and the person cannot calm down on their own. In other cases, you can just hold the crying, in a low voice to utter a few calming words – this is usually enough to the rest of the night he slept peacefully.


Children often suffer from somnambulism in adults, usually as they grow older, this condition goes unnoticed.

In rare cases, the cause of the night crying is somnambulism a pathological condition characterized by unusual activity during sleep and formerly known as sleepwalking.

For the sleepwalkers is more typical of motor activity – they get up, walk around the house, do habitual actions and not Wake up. Rarely crying, laughing and even talking in my sleep. In adults, sudden onset somnambulism can be caused by severe stress, depression, rarely – epilepsy.