You will need
  • - herbal medicine;
  • - reflexology;
  • massage;
  • - doctor's consultation;
  • - complex treatment;
  • - good sleep;
  • - contrast shower;
  • - physical activity;
  • - walks in the fresh air.
First of all, you should immediately contact your doctor to accurately determine the cause of the venous outflow, because it depends on the method of treatment. For example, if the cause of the deterioration of the outflow is the compression of the veins in the neck or cervical-occipital region, in this case, you can help reflexology, that is, acupuncture, electrophoresis.
Also improves the flow a special massage of the neck and the "neck" area. If the venous stasis is due to a brain tumor, needed chemotherapy, or surgery. And the delay here is strictly prohibited! It is literally about life and death.
To improve venous return in some cases helps the use of herbal medicine. You need dried leaves and bark of hazelnut blend, then pour a glass of boiling water. Leave to infuse for one hour in a sealed cover. You can use 1/3-1/4 Cup 3 – 4 times a day before meals. But in case of venous insufficiency should be sure to consult with your doctor and discuss the possibility of treatment with herbal medicine.
In the treatment of this disease doctor may prescribe laterosphenoid therapy, using light-emitting diodes to activate cell receptors and accelerates cell regeneration. Also, they will be assigned a complex treatment, which includes drugs that increase the outflow, for example, kofin, venoruton, vinpotropil.
Conduct regular physical exercise. Physical exercise can improve venous return and increase the tone of venous walls. Loads must be metered. One of the best types of exercise is swimming. Very beneficial effect douche, frequent walks in the fresh air and, of course, restful sleep.