When leaving the orphanage alumnus of this institution receive a package of documents, which will enable them to make a living. The list includes birth certificate, passport, certificate of residence in the orphanage, certificate of health, certificate stating information about parents or other relatives, as well as documents confirming the right to housing.

What rights have the graduate's home

First, the graduate's home has the right to housing. Even those which had no living space from parents. By law, each graduate expected to receive from the state not less than the number of square meters, which is necessary for the social norm. For regions, these norms vary. Moreover, to obtain housing, young people should within 3 months from the day of his 18th birthday.
The exception to this rule is those children who was adopted. Them the state is nothing more you should. But those that are under guardianship, may be eligible to receive free housing.

Also a graduate of the orphanage is eligible for support from the various municipal authorities. For example, each of the young men who left the walls of the boarding school attached to the social pedagogue or the inspector on Affairs of minors, which will be in charge of their future life. They help the graduate when applying for jobs: advice, assistance in registration with the labor exchange, etc.
To graduate the orphanage is not lost when out in the big world, with him in advance of education, including consultation, issuing leaflets-reminders, etc.

Bodies of the employment services, when necessary, to guide the graduate's home for free education with the aim of obtaining a particular profession, if the existing knowledge is clearly not enough.

In addition, in the process of teaching orphans are eligible for the scholarship, which is 50% more than usual. Also they are supposed to receive an annual allowance for the purchase of textbooks and teaching materials. The list also includes free travel to the place of study and residence, sabbatical leave for medical reasons with maintaining scholarships, etc.

What to consider

Children from orphanages more difficult to adapt to a new life. Very much affected by the fact that they are accustomed to living community. And modern rules prohibit any child labour, describing it as exploitation of minors, so quite often young people from the orphanage there are no skills on cleaning the house, washing dishes, etc.

It is no secret that many are unable to adapt normally. This means that you should pay even more close attention to the preliminary discussions and consultations with children before releasing them from the orphanage.