The basic law

The Constitution as the basic law is printed embodiment of such a Treaty. Russian Federation birthright provides to its citizens and citizens of other countries and persons without citizenship residing in the territory of the Russian Federation, the inalienable rights, restriction of which is possible in a strictly regulated manner. An example can be called the deprivation of liberty applied by the judicial authorities as a punishment for committing a crime.
On the territory of the Russian Federation the rights and freedoms granted to every person equally, regardless of "gender, race, nationality, language, origin, property and official status, place of residence, attitude to religion, convictions, belonging to public associations".
Different authors klassificeret the rights of citizens of the Russian Federation into several groups (3 to 6) is:
personal, political, socio-economic, cultural and environmental.

Personal rights

They are called natural, that is human rights from birth, is enshrined in law.
These include:
- the right to life and personal integrity
- the right to inviolability of private life, secrecy of correspondence and all types of messages
- the right to inviolability of the home
- the right to national self-determination
the right to use their native language
- the right to free movement within Russia, to travel abroad and to return back
- the right to freedom of thought and speech, conscience, religion

Political rights

In contrast to personal rights which are guaranteed to any person in Russia, political rights are provided only to citizens, such as:
the right to elect and be elected
- the right to participate in the Affairs of the state
- the right to Association
- the right to hold rallies, meetings, etc.
- the right to access to public service
- the right to participate in the administration of justice
- the right to appeal to state bodies

Socio-economic, cultural and environmental rights

The Russian Federation guarantees to each citizen:
the right to carry out entrepreneurial activity
- the right to private property, including land and other natural resources
- the right of inheritance
- the right to free choice of profession, to safe and gainful employment
- the right to rest
- the right to family
- the right to social security
- the right to health and medical care
- the right to favorable environment, right to information on the environment state
the right to education, including compulsory secondary and accessible higher
- right to work, participation in cultural life, access to cultural values
- the right to justice, to legal assistance
- the right to compensation of harm caused by unlawful actions of state bodies

The duties of man and citizen

Russian Federation in the basic law obliges its citizens:
- every person shall respect the rights and freedoms of others, respect the laws of the Russian Federation
- parents are required to care for children
- adult children are obliged to care for their incapacitated parents
- to pay taxes and other fees
- to defend the Homeland, including military duty
- to obtain a secondary education
- respect the culture, to preserve the monuments of culture and history
- cares for the environment