Advice 1: How to take custody of the child

To take the child from the orphanage to education by using various forms of the family device. If such a serious step as adoption, you are not yet ready, then you can consider the option of guardianship.
How to take custody of the child
You will need
  • Passport;
  • - medical report on the condition of the established sample.
Guardianship (trusteeship) – the most common form of family unit. In the case of guardianship of the child be taken home by the decision of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, not of the court. And control over the family in which a child performs the same Supervisory authority.
If you want to take the child under guardianship, you should contact the child's place of residence (registration) and write a standard application form and provide a medical report about your health. In fact, the guardianship can no longer charge you any documents. But in fact, they have the right to obligate you to collect a full package of documents needed for adoption.
After the adoption papers guardianship carry out the survey of your living conditions. And within 30 days make a decision whether you can become a guardian. If the answer is Yes, if you have already chosen a child, you can take him home.
If a particular child you have not yet chosen, use the information in the regional and Federal databases of children who are subject to family placement. Selecting a child, please contact the guardianship for permission to meet with him. With this solution you visit an orphanage and meet the child. Director and staff are required to provide you with all necessary information to show a personal matter, and medical records.
You can search and watch children as much time as you need for a final decision.
Restrictions for persons wishing to become guardians:
Incapacitated incapacitated or restricted;
- deprived of parental rights;
- with limited parental rights;
- has a criminal record for crimes against life and health;
- not having a steady income;
- suspended from the duties of a guardian.

Advice 2: How to apply for a guardianship for grandmother

Care is made over the people recognized completely incapacitated in a judicial proceeding after the conclusion of mediko-psychiatric examination. On competent persons issued a guardianship in the form of nursing care only on request and with the written consent (article 41, civil code). In order to formalize custody or guardianship of a grandmother, you should gather a number of documents and to apply to bodies of guardianship and guardianship.
How to apply for a guardianship for grandmother
You will need
  • the conclusion mediko-psychiatric examination;
  • - application to the guardianship;
  • - an application to the court;
  • - your personal identity documents;
  • - passport of the grandmother;
  • - notarized authorization from the relatives (if you are not close relatives);
  • - your characteristics from the place of work and residence;
  • - report on the inspection of your living space;
  • - doctors ' opinions about your health.
If your grandmother is incapacitated, the design of custody contact guardianship and guardianship, which operate in each district.
Apart from the application you'll need to take grandma to the district psychiatric hospital, where will determine her incapacity. The conclusion of the incapacity cannot be issued by a doctor. It is issued only by the decision of the Commission of doctors-psychiatrists.
You can appoint a guardian in court, but in order to arrange guardianship, not have the conclusion of the medical Commission about recognition of the person incapacitated. You need to confirm its viability and to get all the information about your health status, since carers may be only persons healthy enough to care for the sick and infirm person.
Take the characteristic from the place of work and place of residence. Call the housing Commission to inspect your living conditions, will receive a certificate of inspection. Contact the clinic to see a doctor and get directions for the survey. You'll need to obtain the opinion of a psychiatrist, narcologist, TB specialist, oncologist, as well as a reference center of HIV that you are not infected with dangerous diseases.
If you are not close relatives, you will need notarized authorization from the children, spouse or grandchildren grandmother on the execution of custody.
For further processing of guardianship apply to the Arbitration court. At trial, there must be representatives of bodies of guardianship and guardianship. If the court made an order appointing you the guardian, you are required to systematically counted before the bodies of guardianship and guardianship about the health of his ward, the expenditure of personal funds or other property. If you don't have work, then Babysitting you can assign the payment of benefits in the amount defined by the regional authorities and Federal law.
In accordance with Chapter 63 of the Civil code, guardians are not the heirs of their wards, so a guardianship does not provide the right to transfer property after the death of the ward the guardian, as well as not giving any advantage to the legitimate heirs.
If grandma has not been declared incapable, you will be able to arrange custody in the form of patronage in her written request and with written consent. This grandma needs to Express their desire to get over it issued the guardianship. Also a competent person may at any time apply to the guardianship order guardianship of him removed.
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