A dream in which the dream faeces, hardly anyone would call pleasant. But it's actually a very good sign that augurs well for the promotion and improvement of welfare.

What can dream of feces

According to experts, if a person dreams that he accidentally discovers feces, dream can mean his weakness of character and dependence on other people's opinions. This traits is to let go and learn to make decisions for themselves.

To see feces in the dream, to feel their smell – such dream may indicate the characteristics of relationships with others.
If the source of the smell is not visible and according to the rules of sleep needed to find, it can mean in the life of someone who is dreaming, trying to intervene strangers with bad advice.

If during sleep the person is doing something with faeces, for example, tries to remove it, it symbolizes his dependence on others that may appear in this dream.

What to do if having dreams about feces

You can browse horoscopes - Miller, Vanga, Nostradamus or others, to try to find out what the dream meant. Such sources may contain different interpretations about what a dream about feces (shit). But there are a few General points.

If in the dream the man says, stepping in feces or dirt in their clothes, it is a sure sign that in real life it is expected that salaries. But attempts to wipe the excrement from his body could mean an awkward position, in which the person will soon be in reality. Can open any unpleasant secret. If the dream is about the disease where you can't hold the urine or feces, it is necessary to prepare for the upcoming loss.
Dream animal feces often portend profit. But to touch it means that soon we will know about the rumors, which aim to discredit someone had a dream.

If you had feces in very large numbers, which are, for example, on the floor, this dream should be regarded as promotion, future wealth, money. Sleep, which involves the toilet, the same meaning. But if you fall in a dream in a pit latrine from the category of "outhouse", to sink in the feces, it is a sign of impending trouble.

In reality, after such a dream you should try to follow the spoken out loud words and do not commit indiscretions. To try not to fail, not counting later losses, it is better absolutely to refuse suspicious transactions hasty purchases, where it is planned to invest substantial financial means.