Earth in a dream. The Dream Miller

Fertile land in a dream – a sign of good luck. However, dream rocky and bare soil – failures and troubles. It is worth noting that Gustav Miller ambiguously refers to the dream: the elderly earth a dream of death, to travelling to the implementation of cherished goals, and the young men and women to violent romance novels.

What dream land? Dream Interpretation Vanga

Wang characterizes the fertile and good land in a dream as a symbol of comfortable life and fruitful year. If the dreamer digs in the ground, in reality, he will reveal some amazing secret. In the dream, to become the discoverer of a new land – so, wait on the fate of favorable surprises. Lying on the ground in a dream – to a series of small troubles, to family troubles.

The dream dictionary from A to z: the earth

According to the interpreters of the dream, to dig in the earth – so get soon some material benefit, and to lie on her financial difficulties. Watch in a dream for the people who plow the land, - a harbinger of a noble, but not rewarding the labor who soon will take the dreamer.

The fertile black soil, according to this dream interpretation, is a good sign: in the near future, the dreamer will correct their financial situation. The land, overgrown with weeds, says the adverse times. Bare and barren land promises a permanent failure, waiting for the dreamer at every step. A dream in which a man covered with earth, speaks about his future errors.

The land in the family dream

To dream land on your own shoes – to success and success in business. Dig – completion of current Affairs, with obvious benefits to the dreamer. To plow in a dream land – to the beginning of a new and quite interesting things. In the future it will bring great success and recognition. To get dirty in the earth to a stormy party, a friendly Buster for the reunion.

Erotic dreams: in the dream land

According to this dream interpretation, the earth – a symbol of carnal pleasures, which the dreamer will make up for the lack of his spiritual communication with people. The dream promises that your sexual adventures are going to be turbulent but brief. The dreamer should realize that his attempts to strike up a romance with her sexual partner is a bad idea. He needs to seek mental stability, not to escape from their problems through carnal pleasures.

Old Russian dream book. Earth in a dream

To dream of black earth – so soon to attend the funeral of a wellknown person. Throw a handful of earth into the grave – to longevity, in whose grave this handful was thrown. To dig, plow or harrow means profit, harvest and abundance of food.