What dream worms by dream Miller

Gustav Miller sees nothing wrong with such dreams. He considers them a symbol of new acquaintances and relations. Moreover, Miller argues that these contacts will be useful to the dreamer in the future. If the worms in a dream lying on the ground or the pavement, the reality of the coming exposure of envious persons and enemies of the master of dreams. In this case, the "parasite" they will not last long.

Worms in dream interpretation Tsvetkova

Evgeny Tsvetkov claims that worms are white in color, dream man, are a sign of illness. Soon the dreamer's at risk. Fortunately, the affliction will not last as long, but nevertheless, this person yourself better to withdraw from all activities that can threaten his health.

Family dream book

Worms that are busy in excrement, according to this dream book, are warning. Not be amiss to guard. Moreover, it is necessary to stop lightly to life, because lady luck, in the end, can take that away from all the "doors of happiness".
According to the esoteric dream book, worms in a dream represent the beginning of the most successful and prosperous period in the life of the dreamer. To kill them is to deprive yourself of a bright future.

If the worms in a dream turn into insects, then it is good. Any ideas of the dreamer are more likely to come to life. If you get rid of the parasites in the dream, the reality, you can lose friends. Yourself to destroy parasites in a dream – to insecurity.

If in sleep parasites strongly annoy, cause a lot of inconvenience, the reality of the coming discord in relationships with friends or family. If the worms do not annoy the owner of the dreams, and his relatives or friends, in real life he will have someone to help.

Worms in dream Freud

Dream worms, according to Sigmund Freud, this is a love failure. For men this means health problems in the intimate sphere. For women, restrictions in sexual relations with partners. Bring worms in dreams from the body – to rehabilitation. Men will have a new sexual relationship.
Some esoterics believe that the destruction of worms in a dream is not really a good sign, speaking about the uncertainty of the dreamer in the future.

Dream Interpretation Azar

According to this book, worms and other worms dream of unexpected joy. Often this dream means flippant attitude of the dreamer to his life. Because of this reality may cause some trouble. Destroy the worms – get rid of pressing issues.